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Kid’s craft! Creative projects for children 3 – 6

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9. Safari binoculars

Another useful project you can make out of toilet paper rolls. Safari binoculars! Do any of your children love wild animals? You can show them how their life looks like! Make those binoculars with your kids and then take them for a walk in the park. Try to see the squirrels, various birds and frogs through the binoculars you’ve made. Isn’t it as thrilling as a safari in wild Africa?

Safari binoculars


10. Winter animals

Winter animals

Toilet paper rolls! Again? Yep, that’s me, and I’m as thorough as they come. This time your kids get to make a choice of winter animals – penguins and polar bears! And after you make the animals – don’t just let them stand there and be a decoration. It’s an excellent opportunity to talk with the kids about different animal behaviour. How some animals sleep through the winter and some not. How difficult it must be to find food during snowstorm etc.


11. Solar system planet model

Solar system planet model

Have you ever hear about cosmic education? It’s connected with the way of teaching kids invented by Maria Montessori. Basically, it is about telling your kids a story about the world we’re living in. You start with the big picture – tell them about the solar system and then gradually focus on the details. Anyway, no matter if you want to do that or not, the solar system model will be interesting for your kids, I’m sure of it!


Kid’s craft! Creative projects for children 3 – 6

Kid’s craft! Creative projects for children 3 – 6
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