Crafts for kids

Kid’s craft! Creative projects for children 3 – 6

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5. Cupcake liner butterflies

How I like projects like this one! They come in handy when there’s an emergency, and suddenly you have to think up something for the kids to do. You look around, find some pom-poms, clothespins, and cupcake liners and sigh in relief. With a bunch of crazy butterflies, you can do a lot of funny stuff. Make one in each colour and teach the young ones colors’ names. Make big and small butterflies and create a butterfly family. You can even teach your kids the life cycle of a butterfly. All you have to do is to think of how to show them the stages: eggs, caterpillar, chrysalis, butterfly. Seemingly it’s a simple art project but with lots of possibilities!

Cupcake liner butterflies


6.  Llama craft

Llama craft

Turn your kid’s room into a colorful llamas’ stable. Simple project and the llamas you’ll make are so cute your child will definitely love them! For us, the llamas were a must-do after every visit to the zoo. Thankfully no llama even spat on us so, in my children’s eyes, these are sweet and peaceful creatures. So it’s not a problem to encourage them to make their own llamas herd.


7. Paper roll flowers and butterfly

Paper roll flowers and butterfly

If there’s one usable craft material we have in abundance in our home, it’s toilet paper rolls. So it’s virtually not possible for me to make a list without a project or two (or four) where you can use up all your toilet paper rolls supply. The first one is interesting, as it does not look like made of paper rolls at all! The flowers and butterflies are delicate and can be tastefully arranged. It’s this kind of projects where your kid can make something really beautiful and decorative.


8. Mini Koinobori

Mini Koinobori

Let’s go to Japan for a day! At least on a map. Show your kids where Japan is, make them sushi or miso soup to eat and then make a koinobori together. In Japan, they make those cute little paper carp fishes to celebrate Boys’ day. But you can make it simply to honour your kids. The real koinobori are made of fabric and hung outside houses, but the mini versions would look splendid as an inside decoration! 


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