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Kid’s craft! Creative projects for children 3 – 6

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When is the point your child is old enough to start their own craft-making? I would say – in the second they can sit, put their hand into the puddle of paint and smear it on a paper sheet. But if you (or your home) are not ready for that, it’s the safest to start doing craft projects with your children as soon as they turn three.

In other articles, you will also find projects you can do with your kids, but if you don’t have time to look for it, now you don’t have to. Here’s the list of no less than eleven options you can choose from.

You’ll find here a lot. Butterflies and rainbows. Solar system. Winter animals. Japanese culture. Every project is a bit more than just glueing pieces, painting and assembling. At least you can make it more, and I’ll try to give you tips on how to do just that. Enjoy!

1. Melted crayon lanterns

Melted crayon lanterns

Colorful crayons melted with an iron – sounds fun, right? That’s rule number one in crafting with the kids – it cannot be boring! So instead of giving your kids crayons for drawing, make a lantern together. Even grating can be interesting if you let your kids do the work. Of course, the youngsters have to be supervised but at least let them try. The project is not too complicated, and the lanterns look surprisingly good when lit!


2. Paper plate rainbow

Paper plate rainbow

Paper plates, paint, colourful yarn and clouds cut out of template you can get for free – that’s basically all you need to make this optimistic rainbow. In the article, you’ll find useful tips that will turn the process of making the rainbow into a pleasant time. Especially important for those children who would get upset if the colours on their rainbow were mixed up.


3. Easy weaving loom

Easy weaving loom
Easy weaving loom

Here’s a project maybe not so spectacular but instrumental when it comes to polishing your kid’s fine motor skills. A makeshift weaving loom to practice  It would be probably interesting for older kids but no harm in trying with the youngsters too! But definitely choose a thicker yarn which will speed up the process of doing the project. 


4. Handprint craft

Handprint craft

This project is perfect for kids who have problems with their sensory integration and don’t like having dirty hands. And there’s room for imagination – make your kid press their painted hand to the paper sheet and then turn the handprint into whatever you can imagine. You’ll find lots of helpful examples in the article.


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